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Watch the Puppy Arena Live Every Morning

Every morning at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET, enter the Service Dog Project Puppy Training Arena and go behind the scenes on what makes these Great Danes so great. 

great dane service dogs in training

“Wait” Training at SDP

Kati is keeping the great danes at the Service Dog Project busy. In this case, they are busy “waiting.”

Off Leash: SDP Training with Kati and Jessie

Learn some of what it takes to train a great dane to to be a service dog… It requires a lot of paw-eye-coordination for starters!

Great Dane Leash Training with Kati on the SDP Arena Cam

Leash Training and the Cookie Crumb

Kati, a trainer at the Service Dog Project, takes a walk with a great dane pup in this highlight video from the Live Cam.