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Search & Rescue Dogs Deployed to Texas

Hero Dogs to the Rescue Paws on the ground in Texas: fourteen search dogs trained by our partners at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation have been deployed to assist in rescue efforts amidst Tropical Storm Harvey. UPDATE:  Nebraska Task Force One had a busy day yesterday, but National Disaster Search Dog Foundation’s Taryn still

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These 11 States Have Official Dog Breeds

Certainly, you have heard of state birds and state flowers, but did you know that a few states also have designated dog breeds? It’s not a common practice. Only 11 of the 50 states have an official dog.

Have You Met the Pups of Patriot PAWS?

At Patriot PAWS in Texas, their team trains service dogs primarily for veterans with mobility disabilities. The dogs begin their training from 6-12 weeks old for as long as 18-24 months at an average cost of $27,000 per dog. Patriot PAWS currently has about a 2-year waiting list for their veteran applicants who receive a service dog

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Expanding The Benefit Of Service Dogs

Texas Governor Rick Perry just signed into law a bill that expands the definition of a service dog as one that assists those diagnosed with PTSD. Many US veterans come home with emotional as well as physical scars, and this Texas law is a big step towards expanding the benefit of service dogs to a