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Blayne E. Douglas And Maximus

Blayne E. Douglas and Maximus As a former opera singer, Blayne E. Douglas struggled with the loss of his hearing. Although only partially deaf, Blayne had difficulty functioning and lost all ambition, remaining indoors for nearly 10 years. It was only when he met his soon-to-be service dog, Maximus Decimus Meridius, that Blayne reemerged into

Celebrating One Year Out

Eli the service dog in training celebrates his first year anniversary of being liberated from an animal shelter! He’s since been in training with Canines for Service, and will soon be an excellent assistance dog for a veteran who needs him.

ECAD To The Rescue

We love that ECAD is the non-profit service dog organization featured here.

Highlights From Live Chat (7/9/13)

puproar: Hi 🙂 WarriorCanineConnection: Hi everyone! Kathy R-IL: Hi Molly! Kathy R-IL: Congratulations on winning the contest! WarriorCanineConnection: Thank you but the congrats goes to EVERYONE that made it happen. It is a team and a great one at that! Gayle M – MA: Hi Molly, will Sae still be there for the Pawty? WarriorCanineConnection: No,

Dog Breath Of A Hero

Like all dogs on deployment, Ajax L523 the soldier dog gets regular tooth brushings from his handler. *Photo by James Bailey.

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