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Bergin University Puppy Petters

At Bergin University works to “advance the human-canine partnership through research and education by offering quality instruction in human and canine studies” and provides service dogs to people with disabilities and veterans with combat-related issues. Click here to see a most adorable puppy petting in action at one VA. Even in their sleep, they know they

Expanding The Benefit Of Service Dogs

Texas Governor Rick Perry just signed into law a bill that expands the definition of a service dog as one that assists those diagnosed with PTSD. Many US veterans come home with emotional as well as physical scars, and this Texas law is a big step towards expanding the benefit of service dogs to a

“Hi!” “Hi! “Hey!” “Hi! “Hi” Hey!”

Bergin University of Canine Studies, you are killing us with these puppy photos.


We’re just going to leave this puppy photo from Bergin University right here.