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The Hero Dogs Of September 11th

As the Towers Fell, Hero Dogs Got to Work Sixteen years ago the unthinkable happened when hijacked airplanes collided with the World Trade Center in New York City in a deliberate act of terror. Amid the panic, fear, and destruction, thousands of heroes responded by giving everything they could – including their lives – to

This Week on Explore (9/1)

The hottest concert of the summer? Why the Beluga Boat Concert of course! Join Rob Knaggs as he plays his cello for the migrating pods of belugas. Our partner, National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, has deployed 14 search dogs to Texas! They have been working extremely hard to aid the search and rescue mission in

Search & Rescue Dogs Deployed to Texas

Hero Dogs to the Rescue Paws on the ground in Texas: fourteen search dogs trained by our partners at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation have been deployed to assist in rescue efforts amidst Tropical Storm Harvey. UPDATE:  Nebraska Task Force One had a busy day yesterday, but National Disaster Search Dog Foundation’s Taryn still

Search Dogs deployed to Nepal to find survivors

Search Dog Foundation partners rescued dogs with firefighters to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. A team of six dog-firefighter partnerships were dispatched to Nepal in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake. These are some of the heroes  keeping hope alive.

The Next Generation Of Heroes

Future search and rescue heroes at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

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