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Search & Rescue Dogs Deployed to Texas

Hero Dogs to the Rescue

Paws on the ground in Texas: fourteen search dogs trained by our partners at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation have been deployed to assist in rescue efforts amidst Tropical Storm Harvey.


Nebraska Task Force One had a busy day yesterday, but National Disaster Search Dog Foundation’s Taryn still managed to sneak in a nap. Dog Bless everyone helping out in the wake of #TropicalStormHarvey




Stay tuned for updates on our blog and the Dog Bless You Facebook page.

  • Brenda Lane

    wonderful things people and DOGS do for others, thanks to all

  • Brandon Strandman

    Dog is a real friend of a human!
    And a rescuer…
    Dogs 2:0 Cats

  • Debbi Clark

    Stay safe pups and humans!!!! Thank you to you all!