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Service Dogs Commemorate Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

Casey: A Veteran’s Story

Patriot PAWS trains and provides service dogs to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTS in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. They wrote to us to tell one of their many success stories working with US Veterans:

Have You Met the Pups of Patriot PAWS?

At Patriot PAWS in Texas, their team trains service dogs primarily for veterans with mobility disabilities. The dogs begin their training from 6-12 weeks old for as long as 18-24 months at an average cost of $27,000 per dog. Patriot PAWS currently has about a 2-year waiting list for their veteran applicants who receive a service dog

Puppies, Puppies All Around

The snow has melted, new cams are live and new puppies have joined our Dog Bless You clan! You can now visit Patriot Paws, our newest live cam showing real-time trainings of service dogs! Over on Puppy Hill meet the “teenage” great danes who will one day join their elders as service dogs for those

New Dog Cam Launches Today!

New Dog Cam Launches Today!  We have a new mobile service dog training cam launching today! Meet our training dogs, Haven and Hoffy (above). From 2 to 4 pm CDT, a trainer from our partners, Patriot PAWS in Texas, will strap a cam to herself and walk viewers through two separate training sessions for Haven and Hoffy in public places like WalMart or Home Depot. This activity

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