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Watch “Compassion”- A Short Film

Explore takes you to Tibet, to the Sera Monastery, where you will meet Professor Tsedum, a monk. In this short film, he explains the Buddhist notion of compassion as thinking about others as if they were your own children.

Spirituality in India

India is home to many religions and is the cradle of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.With more than 1 billion Hindus, India is also home to the third largest population of Muslims. Travel with Charlie to this holy land and discover one humble farmer’s secret to happiness. Learn about the River of Compassion where the environment, humans and religion intersect,

World Religions: Buddhism

Travel to Tibet in these short films and photos that focus on Buddhism. Hear one Buddhist monks’ teachings on enlightenment and another’s insights into compassion. And listen in on a Buddhist debate. In 1419, Jamchen Choje Sakya Yeshe established the Sera Monastery, a monastic university that provides religious education to monks from age 8 up to 70.

Potala Palace

In the spirit of the holiday season, explore places of gratitude, solace and spirituality. Visit Potala Palace in Llhasa. It has over 10,000 shrines and is the burial site of many Dalai Lamas. Learn more in this short video.

Community Voices: What Is Your Key to Happiness?

Community Voices: What Is Your Key to Happiness? One explore.org fan wrote: To me, happiness is most solidly attained by always remembering my two distillations of life. 1. The only point in life is to gain awareness. 2. The purpose in gaining awareness is to limit the perception of suffering for as many perspectives as