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navajo medicine man

Holiday Spirit: Learn What It Takes to Be a Navajo Medicine Man

In this short film on religion and spirituality, go with Charlie as Clayson Benally shares the importance of Medicine Men within Navajo culture and remarks on the complexity of their practice.

Benally explains, “It’s a long process… First somebody recognizes that you have the ability to help or heal someone.” Songs, prayers, sand paintings, herbs, medicines, chiropractics make up just a part of what is studied, learned and practiced among Navajo Medicine Men. “Everything you needed to survive on this earth because we didn’t have hospitals. Even now, we go back to our medicine practitioner” to augment the “western medicines” received in hospitals.

“The healing process is mental, spiritual, physical, it’s not just some sort of quick fix.” It’s a long process with intensive study akin to getting a masters that helps to balance the natural world within and without us. Learn more in this short film with Charlie.