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Today’s Jingle Woof Winners Will Warm your Heart

Reindogs?! Pets in sweaters?! Yes, please! Check out today’s winners of the Jingle Woof photo contest!

navajo medicine man

Holiday Spirit: Learn What It Takes to Be a Navajo Medicine Man

In this short film on religion and spirituality, go with Charlie as Clayson Benally shares the importance of Medicine Men within Navajo culture and remarks on the complexity of their practice.


The True Meaning of Giving

Hop a plane to Hawaii with Charlie. Continue this exploration of churches as we finally enter December and can officially start preparing for Christmas. Learn about the compassion of Father Damien of Molokai.

A Christmas Message

This Christmas Day, spend a moment in the Vatican: Tour the Basilica’s of Rome and hear a sermon from Father Valentine. “We should not place ourselves above others, but rather lower ourselves, place ourselves at the service of the poor, make ourselves small and poor with them,” Pope Francis, Christmas Message 2013.  

All Dressed in Their Winter Whites

The gray seal pups are all dressed up for Christmas in their winter whites. Gray seals are “philopatric.” Most gray seals return to where they were born to have their own pups. You can see them now on the Live Cam from 10:00am – 2:00pm Eastern Time. (Photo from explore.org fan Diana Faulkner McCoy)

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