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“I can’t quite decide if I should eat or sleep…”

“You Talking To ME?”

Although they might not look it, Ospreys are predatory animals who will show their true colors with a simple head bobble. There is a range of 50-100ft which they will protect their nest. If the head bobble is visibly to the recipient, the message is clear.

“Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?”

Why Don’t Puffins And Murres Get Along?

Fact: Unlike the puffins that carry multiple fish at a time the murres carry a captured single fish lengthwise, parallel to bill. Photo Courtesy of Werner Witte

What Did The Fish Beg For?

Fact: The rapid flapping of their wings makes murres appear to fly very fast, but their speed is only about 60 km / 40 miles per hour. Photo Courtesy of Nigel Bewley

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