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Daily Dose of Love: What Makes A Great Service Dog?

Bergin University Graduates Are A Special Breed Explore traveled to the Bergin University of Canine Studies to meet the service dog trainers and recipients such as US Veterans whose lives have been improved by these wonderful pups. Bergin canine graduates are friendly, eager to please, have a calming energy, and little to no instinct for

Guardians of the Sea – Legendary Lifeguards of Oahu

Explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg travels to Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline – one of the most celebrated and dangerous waves in the world – to pay tribute to Oahu’s legendary lifeguards, “the modern-day sheriffs of the Wild West”.

owl family

Watch “A Mother’s Warmth”- A Short Film

In this short film you will see a mother owl keeping her baby owlets warm in their nest, as the snow blows a chilly air.

Baby elephant playing in the water

Watch “Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles”- A Short Film

If you have yourself a case of the midweek blues; take a look at this short clip of a baby elephant blowing bubbles in the water. The elder elephant seems to push the baby over in a playful manner. This clip just may fulfill your dose of daily cuteness, and take away those dreadful midweek

A view of West Virginia.

Federal Charges for Ex-CEO of Exploded WV Mine

The former CEO who oversaw West Virginia’s Upper Big Branch Mine, which exploded in 2010 killing 29 people, was indicted this week on federal charges related to a safety investigation that followed the disaster.

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