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Baby elephant playing in the water

Watch “Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles”- A Short Film

If you have yourself a case of the midweek blues; take a look at this short clip of a baby elephant blowing bubbles in the water. The elder elephant seems to push the baby over in a playful manner. This clip just may fulfill your dose of daily cuteness, and take away those dreadful midweek

sleeping kitten

Top 5 Kitten Rescue Photos Of The Week

Oh my, the kittens already look like they are getting bigger! Take a look at the live cam to see their sweet little faces, and watch them eat, play and sleep. They are so adorable. Here are five of the best photos of the week. Kitten Rescue Camera

Why are they SO darn cute? Let the science tell you.

Too Cute Tuesday Why are they SO darn cute? Let the science tell you. In 2005, The Washington Post asked Stephan Hamann, a psychology professor at Emory University, to explain why humans think certain animals are cute. His studies “found that ‘cute’ pictures cause increased activity in the middle area of the orbital frontal cortex,