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The Pole to Pole Campaign: Polar Bears to Penguins, to People

We hope you are enjoying watching the polar bear families on both the Ouwehand Zoo cams and Scandinavian Wildlife Park cams as they learn, grow, and play!

polar bear twins

Top 5 Polar Bear Family Photos Of The Week

In Denmark, at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Siku and his polar bear family are having enormous amounts of fun! We have seen lots of playing and splashing in the water. The twins could be seen play fighting, and snuggling! Here are the five best photos captured on the live camera. Be sure to tune in

Five Best Polar Bear Snapshots of the Week

Between our CamOps and Siku fans, the family of polar bears in Denmark have a fantabulous collection of snapshots accumulated! Thanks so much to all of you for keeping these awesome snaps coming our way! Check out the Polar Bear and Siku Live Cams and see our full snapshot album here.       You

Polar Bears: Identifying Siku’s Family & Early Sightings on Beluga Cam!

We have had major excitement on the Beluga Whale Sky Cam as a viewer spotted a polar bear last week! Hard to believe fall is just around the corner. There is a new highlight up of a polar bear sighting here! And if you’ve been over to the Scandinavian Wildlife Park Live Cam recently, you’ve noticed the twin cubs are

Three Bears, No Goldilocks

Polar bear Ilka and her twin cubs take a cool swim in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark last week. Ilka is also mother to famed bear, Siku, and the summer has the family practicing their swim moves on the Live Cam. Did You Know? “Underneath their fur, polar bears have black skin which absorbs the

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