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Honey Badger from Mpala Field Guide

This Honey Badger Might Care

The honey badger got some viral fame a few years ago. Now we dig into the Mpala Field Guide for a few more details on this mostly fearless and often feared, small creature of Africa.

white browed sparrow weaver

Nature’s Beautiful Builders

In the trees across Eastern Africa you might see astonishing, symmetrical, straw nests embedded like Christmas ornaments in the branches. Meet the small wonders that do the building. 

Big Cat Facts: Leopards

“According to African legend, the leopard got its spots when it came too close to its friend Fire and got singed. But these markings also give the leopard almost unparalleled camouflage abilities in the sun-dappled shadows of forests and the bush. With their rosette spots and graceful movements, leopards are among the most elegant of

lion in grass

Big Cat Facts: Lions

Lions are the only social species of cats and seek out, claim and maintain good territories, which commonly consist of a water source, good hiding places for cubs and of course, lots of tasty prey.

2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Named

London’s Natural History Museum just announced its winners of the wildlife photographer of the year 2014 competition. Photographer Michael Nichols took home the top prize for his photo of five sleeping lions in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. 

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