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Got a Case of the Mondays? Find Your Happy Place

On the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, you can find that happy place on our Live Cam. On the 6,000+ square miles of the lake, you might find a cure to those Monday blues. “A good technique for washing away loneliness, depression or anger is to go to the ocean” or “a river or stream and

Project Puffin: News from Pond Island

A gorgeous summer sunset captured by one of Project Puffin’s staff on Pond Island. The lighthouse seen here was built in 1855 and stands 20 feet high. Photo courtesy of: Kristina Mcomber

Project Puffin: Photo from Jenny Island

Even an outhouse can look beautiful on a remote Maine seabird island. 

Project Puffin News: Sunset on Jenny Island

The perks of being a seabird biologist off the coast of Maine are clear in moments like this.

A bird ballet

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