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Highlights From Live Chat (7/9/13)

puproar: Hi 🙂 WarriorCanineConnection: Hi everyone! Kathy R-IL: Hi Molly! Kathy R-IL: Congratulations on winning the contest! WarriorCanineConnection: Thank you but the congrats goes to EVERYONE that made it happen. It is a team and a great one at that! Gayle M – MA: Hi Molly, will Sae still be there for the Pawty? WarriorCanineConnection: No,

Our Live Chat With Molly From Warrior Canine Connection (6/25/13)

lynnesky: Hi Molly, do the pups nurse differently as they grow, meaning, longer intervals between bigger feedings? WarriorCanineConnection: the pups become more efficient nursers so they can get more milk in a shorter period of time. morganbtgrl: Are everyone’s eyes open now? WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, all eyes are open. Jersey Girl: Hi Molly! Now that the pups are

Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks for joining last week’s Live Chat with Warrior Canine Connection! We hope you’ll join us again tonight at 7:00 pm ET. crowie Quick question Molly, will Lundy need his cateract removing at some stage? WarriorCanineConnection No, the cataracts are very small and will not change. These are very different than human cataracts. crowie Oh good

Thanks For Joining The Live Chat With Molly Morelli

This week’s live puppy chat with Warrior Canine Connection’s Molly Morelli was full of updates and other insights unique to Molly’s expertise. Thanks for joining us; hope to see you next Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET. crowie Molly, when will Derecho have his stitches removed? WarriorCanineConnection Derecho will have his stitches in until his head grows

Thank You For Participating!

Thanks for joining Puppy Live Chat with Warrior Canine Connection’s Molly Morelli! Here is the chat log for those who missed it, and don’t forget to tune in next week on Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET. reddogs When will Mia be swimming in something other than a bucket? WarriorCanineConnection I sure hope so 🙂. There is a

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