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Thanks for joining Puppy Live Chat with Warrior Canine Connection’s Molly Morelli! Here is the chat log for those who missed it, and don’t forget to tune in next week on Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET.

reddogs When will Mia be swimming in something other than a bucket?

WarriorCanineConnection I sure hope so 🙂. There is a great public pool around here. I grew up with a pool in my back yard so I want Mia to love to swim like I did.

mhennan I do I do! How old is Sandy? And, how does it work in regards to donations from other breeders? I mean, do you check/know the temperment (sp) history of their litters before agreeing?

WarriorCanineConnection Sandy will be 8 weeks old on the 19th (I think that is the right date). I only accept puppies from breeders that do all the health clearances required for the breed, do something with their dogs other than breed them (breed ring, agility, obedience, etc)

DeniseSteele It was mentioned that WCC may going national. What area(s) would be first?

WarriorCanineConnection We will be heading to the Ft. Drum NY area next..we think…things can change so quickly!

mhennan How is Breeze doing and how long is she hanging at PEC/healing quarters?

WarriorCanineConnection Breeze is just here until tomorrow. She and Navi live at the same facility and Navi came back for her spay today. She is feeling quite sorry for herself.

PegSharp Any updates on Twister?

WarriorCanineConnection Twister is doing fantastic! They LOVE him. He does have a facebook page..Mister Twister.

How is Derecho’s eye doing ????

WarriorCanineConnection D’s eye is doing okay. The sutures tore out in just two days so he will need to have it done again next week 🙁

MtM-WA Will there be any Big Dog Graduations soon? Can you update us Rain’s Pups?

WarriorCanineConnection Our big dog grad will be in September. One of Rain’s pups, Freedom, was just neutered. Sam and Indy are undergoing additional health clearances to determine which one will have their semen collected and preserved before neutering.

WarriorCanineConnection I want to continue that line.

Terrapingirl Hi Molly. Do any of your dogs have anxiety issues with loud noises, like thunderstorms? If so, how do you ‘treat’?

WarriorCanineConnection My old girl Macy does. There isn’t much I can do – I just let her be who she is. My other dogs do not because they are all breeding dogs or retired breeding dogs – they can’t have issues like that. Fear is genetic.

WarriorCanineConnection I am not really sure of the best way to treat it. you can help by having yummy treats available when you know a noise is coming. Don’t coddle, be firm and confident. No “oh, poor baby.” That makes it worse.

PegSharp What do you think of Thundershirts as a calming influence for dogs with storm or noise issues?

Terrapingirl Yes, I try to act completely normal and don’t give her alot of attention. I wonder if the thundershirts really work?

WarriorCanineConnection I haven’t found the thundershirts to be all that helpful..but some people have.

mhennan How is Cadence’s training coming along with Ms. B? Will she and Ruby remain switched or is there a different parenting plan in the works?

WarriorCanineConnection At this point I am not sure. More than likely the switch will stay just for consistency sake.

MtM-WA What about Molly’s pups? Do you hve you eye on any of the girls as a possible “mommy” if the health clearances are received?

WarriorCanineConnection Holly’s pups 🙂. Maybe Penny? It is so hard to say at this teenager time.

mhennan So Ruby will stay with you and Cadence with Ms. B and fam…for now?

WarriorCanineConnection No, Ruby will move onto a different Puppy Parent or she will go back and Cadence will move to a different Puppy Parent. I don’t like to keep the dogs here.

WarriorCanineConnection They need one on one…I can’t give them that for more than a training session a day.

PeggyB Are your labs of English lines? I thought Misty was close to the ground—but the male pups seem leggy.

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, I use English labs. The boys always look leggy at this age.

ricekk It might have been asked- I joined a little late- but how is Olive doing?

WarriorCanineConnection Olive is doing great!

WhatUp Any big plans for a certain 2 yr. old’s birthday??

WarriorCanineConnection Not much. Everyday is a party to this girl.

crowie Has Lundy slimmed down or is it his coat that is giving that effect? Thanks Molly.

WarriorCanineConnection My vet who is the “fat police” and always finds the fat dogs even said that he was mostly coat.

pj Do you have a plan for who will be Mommy next after Olive?

WarriorCanineConnection I have a good friend (that gave me Holly) that is sending me some girls for potential breeding. One is a 1/2 sib to Holly. I am making arrangements to get them here soon just in case Olive isn’t pregnant.

WarriorCanineConnection I mean, if Olive isn’t pregnant I’d breed one of them in May/June when they come in season.

Donnalynn47 I don’t know if this has been asked? How old are all your dogs, Molly?

WarriorCanineConnection Macy will be 12 on the 21st, Huff and Rain are 8, Holly is 7, Misty is 5 and Olive is 3.

DeniseSteele When do you expect Sandy to arrive?

WarriorCanineConnection Sandy should be here Sunday.

mhennan Will “D” eventually be spending time at his puppy parent’s work or will he continue to spend the days with you and his gf, Cheryl?

WarriorCanineConnection D will eventually be at work but his Puppy Parent mom is off for the summer so he will stay with them at home too.

TiaPerez Molly how many dogs do you have at your facility? My family and I fell in love with Holly, Misty and all the pups. We are now inquiring about getting a golden for our family well.

flipfloppingal How long will Sandy stay with you before she goes to PP?

WarriorCanineConnection I am hoping to only have Sandy for a few weeks…but the Puppy Parent I had in mind for her might not be ready until late May. I need to decide if I want to find a new parent or wait.

Terrapingirl How long do the first puppy parents typically keep them?

WarriorCanineConnection It varies how long the pups are with puppy parents.

PegSharp Confused a little here Sandy and Lundy related?

WarriorCanineConnection No, Sandy and Lundy are not related.

dawgmom07 do you think this past tacking of Derecho’s eye will hold now and what could be done if it doesn’t hold again?

WarriorCanineConnection I think this will hold D’s eye. I dont’ know what the next step for him would be.

razorbackal Will you be using the patio pen this summer?

WarriorCanineConnection I haven’t decided about the patio yet. My guess is yes, we will still use it.

sandydogs From a service dog training perspective, how do you deal with instinctive behavior like dogs wanting to chase squirrels or birds?

WarriorCanineConnection sandydogs – I try very hard to breed away from predatory behaviors. Those instinctual behaviors are not able to be ‘trained out’ but can be suppressed and managed. One of the many reasons why we do not use rescue dogs.

sandydogs Do you use Riley & Beans to introduce the pups to cats?

WarriorCanineConnection I ended up with Riley and Bean from my old job. I really, really, really love my cats and totally over protective of them.

mhennan In prepping, is the plan to continue with live chat Tuesdays?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, we will be back to normal next week.

ShellyNutterConsolo Are Misty’s pups extremely smart or is this normal behavior for a lab this young? They seem like they catch on so quickly in the training, yet they are still pretty young.

WarriorCanineConnection Puppies are always quick and eager learners. That is why we train them young!

TiaPerez Are golden and Labradors temperament good when it comes to kids? I see how well your dogs do with Mia and by the way she is a sweetheart. My daughter was bitten as a baby and now she wants a puppy but I want to make sure that we pick the right breed.

mhennan I know it’s last minute…Ruby has a gentle leader, is that more effective than the harness she has and why?

WarriorCanineConnection We only use the gentle leader to fix bad habits like pulling on the leash. We train them while using it and wean them back onto a collar. It is just a tool.