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Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks for joining last week’s Live Chat with Warrior Canine Connection! We hope you’ll join us again tonight at 7:00 pm ET.

crowie Quick question Molly, will Lundy need his cateract removing at some stage?

WarriorCanineConnection No, the cataracts are very small and will not change. These are very different than human cataracts.

crowie Oh good had to have mine removed in both eyes so that’s great. Thank You

mhennan Molly, which of the HHD gals are still having a slumber party at the PEC?

WarriorCanineConnection Abby and Ruby.

WhatUp How long does a heat/season last?

crowie Has Cadence gone back to the original pp and if so does that mean Ruby will go back with her original pp? 

WarriorCanineConnection No, Cadence will remain with Ruby’s former Puppy Parent and Ruby will stay with us for a few more weeks (until she finishes her heat cycle) and then she will go to a new Puppy Parent.

AgataZommer How is Olive doing? 🙂

WarriorCanineConnection Olive is great. She is huge!

WarriorCanineConnection We will do an x-ray the last week of her pregnancy.

mhennan Is it my imagination or did Olive get more curly, too?

WarriorCanineConnection I do think she has more curls right now.

Paws2luv Can you give us an update on Sandy’s training? How is she doing?

WarriorCanineConnection Sandy is doing great. She hasn’t been able to go to the VA yet because she hasn’t had her shots. We have to be very careful in exposing them to things that could make them sick until they are fully protected.

WendyH Molly, did Lucy finish her heat cycle?

WarriorCanineConnection No, Lucy is still in heat but is spending the week with her Puppy Parent.

luvthemall Molly, how do you pick Puppy Parents and know they will be good for the pups? Do people sign up to be their Puppy Parents?

WarriorCanineConnection People apply to be Puppy Parents and we carefully screen, do phone and in person interviews and home inspections.

sandydogs Now that you’ve had all the HHD girls together for a good long visit, are you surprised by any of their personalities? e.g. you had a strong sense about the type of dog Twister would grow to be, are the personality of the HHD girls what you expected?

WarriorCanineConnection I am really liking the HHD girls. Each one is very different but all good stuff. They do have things we are working on as well.

sandydogs Is Levi being trained at NICoE? He had everyone swooning on Saturday…..dang, he’s a handsome boy – a real man’s man if you will. We’re going to have to pry Mary Anne away from him at the Pawty!

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, Levi is being trained at NiCOE. He is an AWESOME boy. I think he might be the nicest dog I have ever had the pleasure of having in my training program.

chelsie’s mom Molly do you keep the dogs when they are in season so that they don’t get impregnated by accident?

WarriorCanineConnection No, I keep them here if the Puppy Parent works during the day. They are not allowed to go out in public while in season and I can’t have them home alone for 8+ hours a day either. That is why Abby is here.

Smittysmom Sorry if it’s been asked but any word on Twister?

WarriorCanineConnection You know, I have been so busy I haven’t asked. I have heard he is doing well but didn’t ask that particular question. I will though.

Tootie Am I right in thinking this is Olives first litter?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, this is Olive’s first litter.

WarriorCanineConnection I posted a photo of her on the EPW FB page yesterday. She is looking rather plump.

mhennan Molly, were the girls given a chance to go swimming in the creek? And, if so did Ruby go in? Btw: LOVE Mia’s new pool!

WarriorCanineConnection I dont like to let the girls swim while they are in season. Their cervix is open and I don’t want to allow for any infections. That might be an old wives tale but I have just never let my girls swim while they are in season.

Aly14 Not sure if this is the correct language, but are you excited for a natural whelping since the last couple were c-sections?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, Aly14, that is the correct language and I am looking forward to it. Not looking forward to being up all night but looking forward to the process.

luvthemall I think WCC is such a great organization! Can you give us any idea how many wounded soldiers have been helped by these wonderful pups of WCC?

WarriorCanineConnection luvthemall – I don’t have a firm number but I can say hundreds at least.

Brinsmom Did I miss the news on the eye exams – did all go well? I just love seeing HHD, Molly – what a gorgeous and handsome group!

WarriorCanineConnection All of the dogs had normal eye exams except Lundy who has very minor, non-vision impairing cataracts. He will be able to be placed as a service dog and they will never change or get bigger.

rockyryan – AZ Will you be doing an Ultrasound on Olive before she delivers?

WarriorCanineConnection Olive will have an x-ray the week before delivery.

KaseyL79 Assuming very excited EPW’s during the Pawty. Will there be any restrictions with the pups or bigger dogs?

WarriorCanineConnection I am making arrangements for dogs to be here but it isn’t going to be a free for all with all the dogs running loose. There will probably be shifts of dogs here so we are not over crowded with dogs.

WarriorCanineConnection what do you mean by restrictions?

KaseyL79 Dogs we can’t approach etc. I was picturing all the dogs and all the epw’s and a bit of chaos LOL.

WarriorCanineConnection I just am not going to have 20+ dogs running around off leash having a free-for-all around a large crowd of people. They will need to be on leash and greet people appropriately. No jumping on people, etc. We will send out a list of rules before the event.

Brinsmom Do you have a title picked out for Olive’s litter?

WarriorCanineConnection No, I don’t like to think of themes or names until the pups are here safe and sound.

Nika’sMom Hi Molly, it was so nice of Alice to get video of Rech training. he did so good! How are all the others doing with their training?

wasatch How is our Miss Bea doing? Where is she training?

WarriorCanineConnection The dogs are all doing great in training. Bea is with her Puppy Parent.

PatC What is the biggest litter you’ve ever had with a golden?

WarriorCanineConnection The largest litter I have had is 11.

Nika’sMom How long are female dogs typically in season?

mhennan Molly, when you identify pups with color coded ribbon is there a rhyme or reason to the colors or is simply for identification?

WarriorCanineConnection If a natural whelp the color is birth order.

WarriorCanineConnection If I retired colors I’d probably run out. No, Pink and Black will be in the rotation. Black is first born male.

wasatch color = birth order. hmmm. I order colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Like that?

WarriorCanineConnection For males the colors are: Black, Mocha (brown), Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Lime Green

WarriorCanineConnection Girls: Silver, Yellow, Gold, Pink, Rose, Red

WarriorCanineConnection For c-sections I just grab colors and don’t pay attention to girls or boy colors.

WarriorCanineConnection Olive’s litter we might eliminate colors due to it being harder to find certain photo props in colors like silver or something.

sandydogs The 60 Minutes segment on NiCOE & learning about Mr. Fisher’s commitment was heartwarming and amazing. Wonder if WCC has been gotten bump in support (from non-cam watchers) as more and more of these stories make the news and folks learn about the org.

WarriorCanineConnection No, Sandydogs, sadly no.

texasundog My son’s doc recommended he get a service dog (Ft Hood doc), and the “kennel” he was referred to was charging soldiers $600.00 for dog and “training”. This isn’t right is it?

WarriorCanineConnection texasundog – Your son should find a program that is accredited by Assistance Dogs International. They are legit organizations and do not charge for their dogs. Email me if you need more info.

sandydogs Will Mia get to experience the whelping? And I’m assuming you’ll have someone on hand to help with pups and a Mia wrangler?

WarriorCanineConnection Mia will not be involved in the whelp. I need the room to be quiet, calm and Olive to have the perception that everything under control. Mia and control do not work in the same sentence.

grlsctldr Molly, thanks for letting us see the eye exam, is this the only one they have, or is it an annual exam

WarriorCanineConnection Eyes are checked yearly.

Brinsmom Molly – Are any WCC dogs specifically trained for soldiers who have lost their hearing only – no mobility problems?

WarriorCanineConnection No, we do not train hearing dogs.

DaisyDog I am sure that Olive’s delivery will be quiet, calm and no camera, correct ?

WarriorCanineConnection We will not be live streaming the whelp but we will be posting frequent updates and the camera will be on them very shortly after birth.

prec0ci0us How do you determine which dogs will deliver naturally and which one will have a C-Section?

WarriorCanineConnection I typically let all of my girls go naturally unless there is an emergency or a need to schedule a section.

Nika’sMom Molly, I have a beagle/black lab mix. She was wonderful to train until about a year ago…the beagle kicked in and she decided that she can hear me, but ignores me. Any suggestions?

WarriorCanineConnection You need to be better than anything else she sees/smells. Yummy treats.

texasundog Since freezing semen is so widespread these days, will Levi have the best of both worlds and be a service dog and a stud dog?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, we hope to freeze his semen.