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Our Live Chat With Molly From Warrior Canine Connection (6/25/13)

lynnesky: Hi Molly, do the pups nurse differently as they grow, meaning, longer intervals between bigger feedings?

WarriorCanineConnection: the pups become more efficient nursers so they can get more milk in a shorter period of time.

morganbtgrl: Are everyone’s eyes open now?

WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, all eyes are open.

Jersey Girl: Hi Molly! Now that the pups are getting bigger are they all going to be able to get to the “milk bar” at the same time for feeding?

WarriorCanineConnection: They do manage to squeeze in there.

Jersey Girl: It sure does look funny with all their little heads trying to get a spot!

lynnesky: How’s dear Olive holding up? Is she showing any “mommy fatigue?”

WarriorCanineConnection: Olive is doing just great! Today she was a little off because she isn’t quite used to all the puppy petters yet.

GA_Lab_Lover: She seems to be an exceptionally attentive mom …

WarriorCanineConnection: She is a great mom!

texasundog: How’s Mia doing Molly? Haven’t seen a lot of her lately.

WarriorCanineConnection: Mia is two. She is every ounce of two.

Hershey Bar: When will the pups be allowed out of the whelping box to explore the rest of the PEC?

WarriorCanineConnection: The pups will probably be out of the box by the end of the week. It is important not to give them too much room too fast – it could scare them. They have to be developmentally ready for each change.

Jersey Girl: Are they are target with their weight?

WarriorCanineConnection: Pups are just average for weight…not huge and not small.

Wuvtai5: Will you be drawing names for the Honor Litter similar to how HHD were or choosing from the many stories with name suggestions posted on Dog Bless You site?

WarriorCanineConnection: We can’t draw names out of a hat and we will carefully select. We can’t draw names because we are getting so large that we are running the risk of duplication.

lynnesky: Can you tell us a bit about the HHD birthday party at NICoE?

WarriorCanineConnection: It was just a short party with cake. Nothing super exciting.

CanadianWCCfan: Did I see that the dogs had a cake too? Could they eat it?

WarriorCanineConnection: Yes we had a special doggy cake.

adeaton32901: Molly, how often do you or Cheryl check the collars for fit as in if they are getting too tight?

WarriorCanineConnection: I check the collars twice a day but everytime I pick them up I check out of habit.

lynnesky: Do the pups seek each other out for heat or comfort? I ask because they seem to gravitate towards the stuffies as well as each other.

WarriorCanineConnection: The pups are looking for both heat and comfort.

VirginiaBragg: Have a question for Molly – what brand of dog food do you feed the dogs because my husband now has a guide dog and I have a personal pet of my own?

WarriorCanineConnection: We feed Purina Pro Plan.

nyydreamer: Has one of the mother dogs ever rejected a pup – why does something like that happen?

WarriorCanineConnection: I have not had a mom reject a pup.

Paws2luv: How is Penny doing? Hopefully, she’ll be finished with her cycle by the pawty. Yes?

WarriorCanineConnection: Penny is good, yes – she will be done in plenty of time for the pawty.

CanadianWCCfan: Can you recommend a good allergy pet food? Ever had a dog with allergies?

WarriorCanineConnection: I have had dogs with allergies but dogs can be allergic to different things. You can feed a single protein/carb like duck and potato to see if it helps.

CARCA: How long is a dog in season? I feel like I should know this by now!

WarriorCanineConnection: A dog is in season for roughly 21 days. They are not fertile that whole time but that is about how long they are out of the training program.

patte: I think I remember the pups getting their collars as they are named…correct?

WarriorCanineConnection: Pups get big dog collars as soon as they are big enough for the smallest size….I guess I need to be sure i have all of the colors i need 🙂

CanadianWCCfan: Do they have puppy teeth?

WarriorCanineConnection: No teeth yet.

morganbtgrl: The one and two week photos of the pups were fantastic! Who does the design and the photography?

WarriorCanineConnection: Keekaburro does all the design.

morganbtgrl: Who is Keekaburro?

WarriorCanineConnection: Keekaburro is one of the volunteers. I am sure many people know her real name but I choose not to post things like that.

Ang in CT: I’ve seen the pups getting paw massages…totally adorable.. do they yelp and such like kids when growing?

WarriorCanineConnection No, the pups don’t yelp. I don’t think they have growing pains like kids.

Paws2luv: Although all their eyes are now open, does that mean that their vision is good now?

WarriorCanineConnection: No, vision isn’t very good yet.

CARCA: When the pups get eye checks, what is being checked?

WarriorCanineConnection: The anatomy of the eye.

Jersey Girl: Did I read somewhere you are getting another pup from a different group soon?

WarriorCanineConnection: We do have pups that I had anticipated getting but one litter was just born today and the other isn’t due for another week.

mhennan: Molly, when do you anticipate (hope) to be able to share more information regarding the new program being set-up locally where 4 of Olive’s puppies will likely go?

WarriorCanineConnection: I am not sure – details are still being worked out – including the exact number of pups to go there.

pj: When is the naming ceremony?

WarriorCanineConnection: Pups will be named the week of july 4th.

sandydogs: Molly – we’ve been working hard on the Veterans Challenge trying to get WCC the 1st place finish. Very hard going against groups with $10,000 & $5,000 donors. Wonder if you think there are any additional big donors coming for us – any thing in the works?

WarriorCanineConnection: We have a board meeting on Friday to discuss the challenge and how we can hopefully stay in first place. You all have been working SO hard and we appreciate it!

JulesM: Just joining so forgive me if this has already been ask; do you have any plans on who will be the next mommy for another liter?

WarriorCanineConnection: It just depends on when girls go into season. I don’t think WCC will have another litter until the late fall/early winter. I need a bit of a break and to get some of our adult dogs out there working.

CARCA: Any news from the west coast…Sandy?

WarriorCanineConnection: Sandy is doing fantastic.

JulesM: Do you have supplies that you need?

WarriorCanineConnection: The WCC West Coast has some needed items on the wish list!

Paws2luv: Speaking of cats, we haven’t seen any appearances lately from Riley. Is he still allowed to stop by and visit the pups?

WarriorCanineConnection: When the pups are in the PEC the cats are not allowed there. My cats are strictly indoor cats.