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Highlights From Live Chat (7/9/13)


puproar: Hi 🙂

WarriorCanineConnection: Hi everyone!

Kathy R-IL: Hi Molly!

Kathy R-IL: Congratulations on winning the contest!

WarriorCanineConnection: Thank you but the congrats goes to EVERYONE that made it happen. It is a team and a great one at that!

Gayle M – MA: Hi Molly, will Sae still be there for the Pawty?

WarriorCanineConnection: No, Sae leaves the 15th

Gayle M – MA: Too bad, I would love to meet her

WarriorCanineConnection: Too bad – because I am going to miss her!

PatC: Did someone coach Olive to stand while the puppies feed or did she start that on her (ad the puppies) own?

WarriorCanineConnection: She did that on her own.

PatC: What a smart cookie

jch: HI Molly! How are the pups trained to open doors with knobs? I loved watching Levi open the door with Rick!

WarriorCanineConnection: The door that Levi pushed open had a bar across the front that he pushed. We also teach them to “tug” open a door with a rope.

Gayle M – MA: How did the puppy training go? I didn’t see it. What were they learning? Thanks

WarriorCanineConnection: Puppy training went great! It was only the first session so much of it was teaching them that they get a treat from the hand.

WhatUp: Is Nick still being fed separatey ??

WarriorCanineConnection: Nick is starting to go back into the group. Tonight I fed him in the same area but farther away so he didn’t feel the need to rush.

puproar: Has Olive shed a lot of her curly coat? It looks sparser on camera now

WarriorCanineConnection: Olive is starting the shed. She will look pretty terrible before too long.

JanetMartin: Molly – is this the largest litter that you have had so far? How is this litter compared to the others?

WarriorCanineConnection: The largest litter I have had was 10. This litter seems very easy going and sweet.

mhennan: MOLLY, the new website looks GREAT!!

WarriorCanineConnection: Thanks on the website compliments. Still many changes to come and new things added.

PatC: Are any personalities standing out?

WarriorCanineConnection: personalities are slowly emerging.

patte: Molly, Are you able to tell at this point if any of the pups will have a curly coat?

WarriorCanineConnection: so far no coats look curly…but it is pretty early to tell.

lll644: Is Olive showing signs of wanting to ween the pups?

WarriorCanineConnection: Olive isn’t really showing signs of weaning. She is with the pups less during the day when petters are there but spends alot of time at night.

joasmith-MD: When do they get first shots? And do you have to take them to vet or does she come to you?

WarriorCanineConnection: First shot is at 8 weeks. I like to take them there for the experience. My vet visits them often just for fun 🙂

patte: Has Olive had any issues with any of the petters, or does she just take everything in stride?

WarriorCanineConnection: She has been fine with all the petters. My girls do not typically show any concern with people. They do not always like other dogs around their pups and that usually fades by about 5 weeks.

JanetMartin: How is the party planning coming? How many people do you expect? Sorry that I can’t be there (live in CA), but definitely will be there in spirit.

crowie: Molly how long will Sae be with you? The puppies and Olive love her. Thank You

WarriorCanineConnection: Sae will be with me for another week.

Okie.puppy.love: Recently, we’ve seen the pups receive a oral dose of something from a syringe-like dispenser. What exactly are the pups receiving?

WarriorCanineConnection: The pups were getting Bene-bac which is a probiotic. It just helps keep tummies in order. Today they got de-wormed for the 2nd time

lll644: Have you thought about the next litter? Any idea on which male or female you will use?

WarriorCanineConnection: Honestly…I can’t think of another litter right now!

puproar: Is it unusual to have one pup gain so much more quickly than the others, as Stanley has been doing?

WarriorCanineConnection: No, Stanley started out pretty big and has followed his own curve.

NormaJoe(aka PhyllisBagdonas): Do you already have PP’s lined up?

WarriorCanineConnection: We have a few more PP’s interested than we have puppies.

Ms.Lady: Will any of the puppies to out west??

WarriorCanineConnection: We are not sure if one of these pups will go to the West Coast program yet.

patte: I asked about the collars last week, will the colors match the ric-rac they now have?

WarriorCanineConnection: I just got an e-mail that the collars are due to arrive July 12. They all match the ric-rack.

lll644: Are you going to add more puppy petting slots?

WarriorCanineConnection: I will probably add more slots in August once I know how long the pups will be here.

jch: With Sae starting her own program, would there be an opportunity to have an international puppy exchange/loan??

WarriorCanineConnection: Sae will be doing something a little different so probably not.

Paws2luv: Are you expecting any added pups this time around, such as Lundy, Sandy, and Blaze?

WarriorCanineConnection: I am expecting one or two additions and I’ll announce that soon.

patte: How has the potty training going? I love watching them search out the litter box!

WarriorCanineConnection: Potty training is GREAT with this litter.

Kathy R-IL: Karen is asking (she can’t post in chat) if the Pawty will be on the explore cam for those that can’t attend.

WarriorCanineConnection: I think it will be on the cam.

JanetMartin: If you were to bred Olive again, how long between litters do you wait?

WarriorCanineConnection: It is actually healthier for her to be pregnant than to skip cycles. If I really needed the puppies I would breed her when she comes in again. However, I will probably skip one cycle and breed her 1-2 more times after that.

patte: Does Mia get excited when she gets to visit the pups, or is she used to having puppies around most of the time? She is such a little cutie, it is always fun to get a Mia sighting!

WarriorCanineConnection: Mia finds the pups cute and fun…but bores of them quickly.

mhennan: Molly, will you be posting the remaining updates for HHD soon…I think only missing 1 or 2 unless I just missed them

WarriorCanineConnection: I did realize I missed Penny and Lucy. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Kathy R-IL From Julia: at what age do these guys go into service? I have a guide dog from a school in Michigan and I find it interesting the different ages dogs go into service at different “schools” based on type of service. What age do these guys get paired up?

WarriorCanineConnection: Anywhere from 18 months to 2 years. I might go a bit younger for the right match. I need to see the dogs are mature. I also need to be sure hip and elbows are sound…that testing isn’t until around 18 months at the earliest.

jch: Will the West Coast program be breeding their own pups, or will they just be a pup/veteran training facility?

WarriorCanineConnection: West Coast will not do any breeding.