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veteran's day

Honoring Our Veterans: Your Stories

We asked in our newsletter who you’re honoring this Veterans Day, and were touched by your responses. In recognition of the brave veterans you’re honoring today, here are some of the stories you sent in: Irene Chansawang: “Honoring the bravery of Chris Bollinger, who served in Germany and Iraq. He is a loving dog-dad to Cheyenne and

Colin & Vincimus

The word vincimus is Latin for “by endurance we conquer.” Colin chose this name for this special dog because Vincimus was born deaf. Colin knew there would always be additional challenges with regards to training as a result of his special needs, but he didn’t care. He saw Vincimus for the first time as a puppy during a

Paco, Heroic Service Dog

Bill is a disabled veteran who suffers physically and emotionally from his duty as a U.S. Marine. Paco is his heroic service dog funded by the Dog Bless You project and trained by Saint Francis Service Dogs. Paco gives Bill the courage to go out into public places without anxiety. Paco inspires Bill to get

Eric And Diesel

Eric is a US Marine who suffers from a physical disability as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while serving his country. His service dog Diesel, trained by Saint Francis Service Dogs, was a gift funded by the Dog Bless USA campaign. Diesel has had a dramatically positive impact on Eric’s life, physically and

Steve, Sasha, And Soldier’s Best Friend

Steve Marquez recently entered the Soldier’s Best Friend program with his loving pitbull, Sasha. Steve and his wife are both Marine veterans raising their two sons ages six and three. Steve and his wife found Sasha in the classifieds of a newspaper while stationed in Okinawa, Japan. She was 9 months old when they first adopted

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