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Tracy & Callie

Tracy & Callie  Callie went from being a junkyard dog to a service dog – what an impressive transformation! Soldier’s Best Friend found Callie through a local animal rescue in the greater Phoenix area. Callie was found in a junkyard with her six puppies and is believed to be an Akita/Pointer mix.  Tracy and Callie have been

Colin & Vincimus

The word vincimus is Latin for “by endurance we conquer.” Colin chose this name for this special dog because Vincimus was born deaf. Colin knew there would always be additional challenges with regards to training as a result of his special needs, but he didn’t care. He saw Vincimus for the first time as a puppy during a

Letter From A Veteran And His Service Dog

Dear Charlie Annenberg (founder of Dog Bless You), I have been the proud keeper of a beautiful black Labrador for the last several months; this has been the courtesy of Soldier’s Best Friend through their work with PTSD patients. It’s my understanding he is about 2.5 years old.  I don’t really know how to write this

Do Our Pets Pick Us?

Often times people wonder if we pick our pets or if they pick us. In this case Yvette felt that Blondie chose her. “When I met her she walked pretty easy on a leash for me and she sat down and leaned into me as if to say she approved of me.” This simple action became the tie

A Good Start

When Mac was asked how long he has had Cal, his new black lab mix from the Yavapai Humane Society, he responded, “I had him for 3 weeks and it has been three of the best weeks I have had in a long time.” Needless to say they are off to a good start!  Mac served

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