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Living with Leopards

Occasionally, a leopard will patrol the edges of Mpala’s hippo pool, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Their easily identifiable spots give the leopard top-notch camouflage abilities in the sun-dappled shadows of forests and the bush. With rosette spots for camouflage, stealth and agile movements, leopards are among the most successful of the African predators. Although leopard populations are extremely

Spotlight on Big Cats

In a few days, nations around the globe celebrate World Wildlife Day under the theme “Big Cats: Predators Under Threat”. Here at Mpala, the home of African Wildlife on Explore.org, this important event will shine a spotlight on our mission to protect wildlife and their habitat using Science, Education and Conservation. Scientists are finding new ways to

Celebrate National Cat Day with Mpala’s Wild Kitties

Since 2005, National Cat Day has been celebrated – internationally even! – as a way to recognize the animals that give us unconditional love and/or ignore us. Mpala Live has shared photos of some of the larger, more exotic, and less domesticated cats seen around the Mpala Research Center in Laikipia County, Kenya. Let’s take

Five Best African Wildlife Cams Snapshots of the Week

Check out the five best African River Wildlife Live Cam snapshots from our viewers this week! We have beautiful vistas, elephants, long-neck giraffes – – no unicorns this time, but a rare leopard sighting! Thank you! Giraffe Tree Top Snack, from joelm Impala Herd, from zdewas Dik-diks, from designcbt Leopard Spotting, from Suefish Hippos & Elephants, from Janet,Bensalem,PA Amazing job guys!