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Update: Live Chat with Chris Morgan Canceled

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to illness, we’ve had to cancel tomorrow’s live chat with Chris Morgan. We hope to host him again, so stay tuned! Chris Morgan is an ecologist and award-winning conservationist, educator, TV host and film producer. He brings people back to nature, and nature back to people, all towards inspiring a fresh, new

What I Did For International Polar Bear Day

/ Post by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International You may recall last week’s International Polar Bear Day. My sidekick Erica Wills posted a piece about what she did for IPBD, which included turning off her thermostat and avoiding the shower. I too took the thermostat challenge, but also pushed myself to be a little extreme.

What I’m Doing For International Polar Bear Day

/ Post by Erica Wills of Polar Bears International  Today is International Polar Bear Day (we’ll call it IPBD for short)! The photo above is of my roommates and I on last year’s IPBD. We each chose one of my many polar bears items and wore them/carried them around for the day to bring awareness

Today Is International Polar Bear Day!

/ Post by Polar Bears International PBI’s International Polar Bear Day takes place every year on February 27th, and we invite you to join us in celebrating it as a day of action to reduce your carbon footprint! How? By taking part in our Thermostat Challenge, the launch event for our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS!) campaign, a series of carbon-reduction efforts

Tomorrow is International Polar Bear Day!

Tomorrow is International Polar Bear Day!  To commemorate this day, explore.org and Polar Bears International are providing a special presentation with an expert from PBI answering questions in the explore.org social stream from 10-11am/PST. Join the live stream by clicking here tomorrow at 10am! Polar bears are one of the most powerful and majestic creatures on our planet. While they are especially vulnerable to

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