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Beary relaxes after lunch

Beary’s Ready for Her Close-Up (Video)

If you didn’t catch this magnificent footage of young cub Beary on the Lower River bridge yesterday here’s your chance to see the highlight! The camera is so close and clear we can see the wind softly blowing her fur. Leaving the cutest wet paw prints on the wooden planks, she faces us and leisurely munches lunch. No reason to hurry off, she lays down to relax, full and happy. This is truly the life.

In other bear-related news, you can join us for a Live Expert Chat on the #BearCam TODAY, Friday, October 10th at 3 pm – 4 pm Alaska Time; that’s 4 pm Pacific and 7 pm Eastern this Friday. Rangers Mike Fitz and Roy Wood will be answering your questions and discussing “Dead Salmon and Fat Bears.”

Please read up on some key facts to get a jump on some questions for the experts, and as always explore all of the live cams.

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