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Beary’s Ready for Her Close-Up (Video)

If you didn’t catch this magnificent footage of young cub Beary on the Lower River bridge yesterday here’s your chance to see the highlight! The camera is so close and clear we can see the wind softly blowing her fur. Leaving the cutest wet paw prints on the wooden planks, she faces us and leisurely

Project Puffin: News from Seal Island

A Common Tern brings in a hake for it’s chick. Common Terns are natural fishers. Watching them dive into the water and emerging with a fish at the end of its beak is a beautiful sight. Photo Courtesy of: Jenny Howard

Bird-Feeding Basics

More than 100 North American bird species supplement their natural diets with birdseed, suet, fruit, and nectar obtained from feeders. Feeding birds can benefit them and also provides great birdwatching opportunities in your own backyard. (Learn how to make your backyard bird friendly.) Often, people think of feeding birds in the winter when their natural