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Final Osprey Live Chat of the Season: 8/15/14

Join us TODAY, Friday, Aug. 15th, for one final Osprey Live Chat of the season. From our partners at the Audubon Society:

Remember This?

Oh it feels so long ago now that Pia has taken to the skies! But just a few days ago, Mocha-SOCAL caught this snapshot of mom, Rachel, and Pia sharing a moment in the nest. We can almost hear Rachel whisper, “You can do it kiddo!” Young Ospreys make their first migration alone, instinctively knowing

Pia Has Fledged!

From our partners at The Audubon Society: Today, August 7th, the third and youngest Hog Island Osprey fledged.  While the chick’s older siblings Pan and Poole made their leap in the prior days, Pia was content to watch them practice their flying technique from afar. Today, though, “she” stood on the nest’s perch as she’s

Flap, Flap, Hop! The Sight of a Newly Airborne Osprey

What is it like for a fledgling to fly for the first time? In 2012, our Osprey Live Cam caught the images of baby bird, nicknamed Sky, in her first flight. In this short, 2-minute film, see mom step aside as Sky tests her wings, hops around the nest and then takes the ultimate leap

Second Fledge At 6:24 am!

The girls are off! And into the wide world. Or at least the immediate world around their nest while they practice flight. See them learn as they prepare for migration on the Audubon and Explore.org Osprey Cam!

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