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Remember This?

Oh it feels so long ago now that Pia has taken to the skies! But just a few days ago, Mocha-SOCAL caught this snapshot of mom, Rachel, and Pia sharing a moment in the nest. We can almost hear Rachel whisper, “You can do it kiddo!” Young Ospreys make their first migration alone, instinctively knowing

Pia Has Fledged!

From our partners at The Audubon Society: Today, August 7th, the third and youngest Hog Island Osprey fledged.  While the chick’s older siblings Pan and Poole made their leap in the prior days, Pia was content to watch them practice their flying technique from afar. Today, though, “she” stood on the nest’s perch as she’s

Ode to the Last Osprey

With two siblings fledged and flying the skies, there’s just one left to go! Explore.org fan and Osprey Cam viewer, Sabine, wrote this Ode to Pia for encouragement! Little Mia Pia, sitting on the ledge,Waiting for the time just right to fledge,And keeping her viewers(Among which no boo-ers)All hopping and popping and much on edge. In this snapshot,

The Second Osprey Has Fledged!

The second of the three Osprey chicks has flown for the first time today, August 1st!  Here’s an update from our partners at Audubon: After all the excitement and attention of the first Hog Island Osprey fledge on July 31st, of course a sibling wouldn’t be far behind to try it!  The very next day

They’ve Done It! The First Osprey Fledged for 2014

Exciting news from Hog Island! The first of the Hog Island Osprey chicks has fledged this morning, July 31st at 6:07am PDT. There is speculation over whether it was Poole or Pan who was the first to show up their feathered siblings by taking flight out over the Hog Island waters. What do you think?

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