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brpwn bear Divot and her bear cub

Divot & Cub Last Spotted September 1, 2014

Bear #854, Divot, and her cub were last spotted on the Bear Cam on September 1. Bear Cam viewers have been inquiring about Divot and we’re keeping our eye out. We could use your help as well.¬†

Who’s Seen Who on BearCam?

On the fan-created Bear Wiki Page, you can see daily synopsis updates and a tally of which bears have been spotted and when. For those avid #BearCam watchers, this is a great way to keep tabs on who’s who and what they’re up to in Katmai! Here’s an update to the Cams temporary shut down

Happy World Ranger Day!

Let’s celebrate those men and women keeping us updated on bear behaviors and safety, and other dangerous and heroic acts of conservation! Visit Katmai and Grasslands¬†National Park where bears, bison, prairie dogs and more roam our natural landscape protected by rangers. Anyone been following the drama with Divot the bear and that wire snare around

Update on Divot the Bear

From the Bear Cam Rangers in Katmai National Park: Earlier today, many of you saw the sow with a single cub at the Lower River. That is believed to have been Divot, 854, now with only one cub. That alone would be news, but it also appears that she has been caught in a wolf