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Killer Whale breaches off Hanson Island

Orcas are making a big splash on explore!

In an all-new series of stunning live cams, explore has partnered with OrcaLab to show you the private lives of orcas in their natural environment.

The tranquil waters of British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound are the summer home to over 150 wild orcas, where the whales retreat to feed and give birth.

OrcaLab’s research station on Hanson Island has tracked whale behavior since Paul Spong established it in 1970. Paul’s team set up a network of underwater microphones to collect the songs of the whales and made this library of orca sounds accessible to a worldwide audience. Now, our new live cameras will blow you out of the water with real-time video of orcas jumping, swimming, eating, and playing.Text Message Alert_Fotor

OrcaLab shares explore’s philosophy of bringing people closer to nature without disturbing it. The Orca Cam brings all the thrills of whale watching from above and below the surface.

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