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Orca breaches the surface

Live Chat with OrcaLab’s Megan Hockin-Bennett

Explore has partnered with OrcaLab for a new series of live Orca Cams to bring you the breathtaking sight of orca whales as they journey through the deep blue waters of the Pacific coast off British Colombia.

Join us today, September 18th, at 12pm PT on the OrcaLab Base Cam to chat with OrcaLab researcher Megan Hockin-Bennett. It’s your first chance to ask an expert about orcas, whale families, migration, diet, and whatever whale questions you can think of!

Megan tells us a little about herself, “As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with whales, Orca whales in particular. As a teenager I began to read books about the Orca populations of British Columbia and the incredible community of people working together to study, protect and conserve these amazing whales.

Megan Hockin-Bennett

Megan Hockin-Bennett

In 2012 after finishing my degree in film production and photography I finally made it out to British Columbia for my first summer. This year is my third season and most exciting: I have been stationed at Cracroft Point, OrcaLab’s remote video outpost. Overlooking the Johnstone Strait, Cracroft Point is a small shack with no running water and run mostly by solar power.

For three months this summer we have filmed, photographed and tracked the whales as the navigate their summer habitat in search of rich plump spawning salmon. It’s been an incredible summer and with the new explore cameras it’s wonderful to see a wider audience begin to enjoy the sights and sounds of this magical place.

I’m really excited to answer as many of your questions as possible in a new live chat from the Orca Cams!”

So join us at noon PT, and have your questions ready for Megan!

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