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Snapshot by awolTom

Snapshot by awolTom

This Week on Explore (7/21)

Beluga Boat is back online! Watch live here!

Beluga Calf

The Doves have fledged the nest! Here you can see Mom giving the last chick some much needed encouragement before fledging!


Snapshot by KarlaAnn

Rachel protects Bailey from a GHO attack! All seem to be doing very well, you can watch them here!


Snasphot by GloriaAleman

We were left speechless by this incredible sunset on our Bison Cam


Snapshot by maya2151

This Week’s Top Bear Moment: This cub, who thought this sign at Katmai National Park & Preserve should come down. It reads, “No Fishing beyond this sign.”

  • Brenda Sandefur

    All Superb! Photos! WOW

  • Linda Nasato

    Just watched above video of bears at Katmai trying to remove No Fishing sign…very funny.

  • Linda Nasato

    PBS has 2 more 8 pm episodes (next Wed and Sun) of Wild Alaska Live…Katmai bears are part of show from BBC production company.

  • seagee

    Question for Dr. B: We are seeing adaptive behavior in Rachel since the owl attacks and I would like to know if you think she will carry it into next season? Thanks, Cheryl Gaston

  • lori lilias

    Dr B: Do you believe that Bailey has been injured to any significant degree which may be delaying her progress toward fledging? Also, can you explain what is that unusual head bob from side to side they do?

  • amazed

    Great photos – everyone of them.

  • Xan Xan