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Project Puffin: Photo from Jenny Island

Even an outhouse can look beautiful on a remote Maine seabird island. 

Project Puffin News: Sunset on Jenny Island

The perks of being a seabird biologist off the coast of Maine are clear in moments like this.

Relaxing At The Links

With the abundance of Cow Parsnip growing on Outer Green Island, the Project Puffin seabird biologists have to be creative with the few open spaces left to them. On this unused tent platform the interns have rigged up a super-mini-golf course using whatever found objects the could gather. Watch out Tiger. Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn

Outer Green Island Common Terns Attack!

As the breeding season progresses, the terns become more and more aggressive toward intruders, divebombing researchers who are trying to do counts on the nests and chicks. The terns will ceaselessly peck at their heads, try to shoot excrement on them, call out in a cacophany of sound designed in hopes of warding them off.

Invasive Plants

There is a constant struggle with the invasive plants on the Project Puffin islands. Beach pea, jewel weed, cow parsnip, these are just a few of the plants that are overrunning the islands and turning the bare rock that is ideal tern habitat into a matted tangle of weeds. Yet on Pond Island there is

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