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Enjoy The Summer

From our friends at Animal Wellness Foundation! Enjoy these last days of summer and Dog Bless You!

Toronto’s Fatal Architecture

Toronto is one of the world’s most dangerous cities for migratory birds, with an estimated nine million dying each year after crashing into the city’s glass towers. So many birds hit the glass towers of Canada’s most populous city that volunteers scour the ground of the financial district for them in the predawn darkness each

Honoring our vets on four legs too!

Dogma Thursday Honoring our vets on four legs too! You might have seen this announcement circling Facebook recently: “Legislation to protect military working dogs (MWDs) cleared Congress” in December. And according to the ASPCA, “the measure will streamline the adoption process for retired military dogs, as well as authorize a system of veterinary care for

Move Over Monday – Move to India!

Move Over Monday – Move to India! Pictured above is Dr. Nanditha Krishna, “a member of the Governing Body of the Blue Cross of India. She is …best known as the Honorary Director of the C P Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation and the C P R Environmental Education Centre. The Blue Cross of India was established