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Honoring our vets on four legs too!

Dogma Thursday

Honoring our vets on four legs too!

You might have seen this announcement circling Facebook recently:

“Legislation to protect military working dogs (MWDs) cleared Congress” in December. And according to the ASPCA, “the measure will streamline the adoption process for retired military dogs, as well as authorize a system of veterinary care for the retired dogs at no expense to taxpayers.

Currently, military working dogs are classified as ‘military equipment.’ When the dogs are retired, they are considered excess equipment and are given away. Most frequently, the dogs’ handlers adopt them, but if the dogs are overseas, the service member must pay for the dog’s transport back to the U.S. ‘Military working dogs are so crucial to the safety of our service members, and it is our job to provide them with the love and care that they so honorably deserve when they are retired,’ said Rep. Jones in an ASPCA statement. Law enforcement agencies and prior handlers are given priority, but a small number of dogs are adopted by civilians.” (Babble)

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