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This is Abbie’s story

Dogma Thursday This is Abbie’s story. From our Community Voices and feedback on Love Your Pet Day, not all of the animals we’ve loved are still with us, but they do live on. Abbie was a very special part of my life, she was the first lab that I have ever owned. I was very

Gibson the service dog

Oh, we found your sweet spot – your pets and service animals!  We’ve gotten so many wonderful replies to Love Your Pet Day. Here’s one we love for Dogma Thursday: My name is Diana and I was thrilled this past August to welcome Gibson, my Service Dog, into my life.  I enjoy the independence that

Share their stories with us

Dogma Thursday We asked our Explore community to share their stories with us – particularly the ones about their canine best friends. We love this first story we received from Jeff, who responded almost immediately, about his family’s rescue dogs.  We adopted both girls at older ages. They are now 10 & 11.  The love

Spring is definitely in the air!

Dogma Thursday Spring is definitely in the air! Great dane, Noel, and the team at SDP are patiently awaiting the arrival of the newest litter of Service Dogs. She is in labor and doing well. You can check in on her and her new pups (or soon to be born pups!) at the live cam.

Double Dog Dose on Dogma Thursday

Double Dog Dose on Dogma Thursday Neat and tidy – finished with a bow!  Misty’s litter of Labrador Retrievers, born just before the new year last December, will learn to help heal the invisible wounds of our Nation’s Combat Veterans. The litter will spend the next two years lifting the spirits of Wounded Warriors and

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