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Name these two huggable pups!

Contest: Name the Puppies of Animal Wellness Foundation!

Animal Wellness Foundation is dedicated to finding loving families for homeless pets in the Los Angeles area. They’ve partnered with explore to bring you a new puppy cam streaming live video of the pups at play while they wait for their forever homes!  All the animals frolicking here are available for adoption.

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Top 5 Animal Wellness Adoption Photos Of The Week

If you are looking for a little dog to join your family, or simply need a dose of cuteness, check out the Animal Wellness Adoption live camera.  Here are five of the best photos of the week captured from the live cam.

Adorable pup looking for a forever home. Photo captured by member AJAY-NY.

Top 5 Animal Wellness Adoption Photos Of The Week

These playful pups are certainly full of spunk and cuteness! Take a look at the Wellness Adoption Center’s live camera to see what pups are available for adoption. Here are five of the best photos of the week. Lower Animal Wellness Adoption Live Camera

aspca dog

Love a rescue dog? Send in your pics!

Recently the ASPCA asked shelter dog owners to send in photos of their adopted pets in the hopes that others would fall in love with recused animals. We love shelter dogs and know you do too, so please send in photos of your own rescued pets and we’ll feature them on our blog!

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Adopt Red!

Red was found living in a flower pot.  A few days after being rescued and going into his foster home Red showed of his huge personality. His foster parent says he runs all around the house at full speed with his little feather toys. Since Red is still young he must be adopted with his

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