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service dog project lars

UPDATE: Lars Wanted Dead or Alive


Lars, the Wanted Stuffie from SDP

The Stuffie Protection Service has confirmed that Lars has been missing since DogFest 2014, when he was last reported to be seen at the Service Dog Project compound. They have released a copy of this ‘ransom note’ the brothers are claiming they received from Lars’ cell phone! (Scroll to bottom for the latest photos and updates on Lars’ whereabouts.)

Officials are interrogating all people associated with Service Dog Project at this time as potential suspects. But with so many people coming and going over the weekend it’s been hard to tie down a timeframe. The last witnesses to see him on the premises claim he was in his window during an activity they refer to as ‘Mail Call’ on the Monday following the gathering but after that he seems to have just disappeared. They have reviewed the video tape of this activity but have not learned any evidence from it. They continue to fear for his safety but reported sightings are placing him in various locations. This fits with the fact that the possible stuffienappers are looking for something they believe to still be on the premises, so they currently have the compound on lockdown until they can figure out what/where this ‘booty’ is. If anyone has any leads on who these Pirates are, please make sure to contact them, all evidence and statements will be kept confidential of course. They are bringing in a Dane interpreter to interrogate the dogs, as they all seem to have a lot to say but no one can understand them!

Service Dog Project asks for their privacy at this troubling time but wishes to state that they are accepting donations to the Find Lars Fund. Please send your dollars with a scooper marked with your e-mail address  and the FIND LARS FUND marked on the card to SDP. We will keep you updated on this developing story!

To summarize, there are more questions than answers:

  • First and foremost, WHERE IS LARS?

  • Why did he suddenly disappear from the SDP Compound?

  • Did he do so of his own free will? Who are the Pirates?

  • Do they currently have Lars or know of his whereabouts?

  • What is this booty they are demanding?

  • Where is it and why do they want it so desperately?

  • What will happen if they do not get it?

  • Why have the Citrus sisters testified that Buddy knows?

  • Why will Buddy only state “the dogs have been schooled, all will be revealed”?

  • If anyone out there has answers to these and many other questions, please contact the SPS asap, as they are confounded at this time!

  • All statements will be kept confidential of course!

Please check this blog for up to the minute updates on News Reports!
UPDATE: Sept. 25, 2014

Lars started out his day hanging around with a couple of feline friends, who tried to convince him that cats rule and dogs drool. As you can see by his face, Lars does not agree!

Then he visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately he had an encounter with a cactus and, as you can see, wound up at the hospital!

Unfortunately, after he left the hospital, we lost track of him…we hope he is safe and sound and recovering from his cactus encounter!


Lars with Cats in Arizona


Lars and Cactus in Arizona


Lars in Arizona

Lars Being Treated in Arizona

Lars Being Treated in Arizona


Lars with Local Flora in Arizona


service dog project lars

Lars on the Pirate’s Caribbean Trail

service dog project Larsthestuffie_SDP

Lars at Immigrant Monument

Lars at Pilgrim’s Monument – in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA


Lars in Anchorage, AK

Lars in Anchorage, AK


Lars in Anchorage, AK

Lars in Anchorage, AK


Lars at the Cape Cod Lighthouse

Lars at the Cape Cod Lighthouse

"New clue: Lars is now embarking on a trip armed with a vial of puppy breath, Macadamia Nuts, and tons of mint."

“New clue: Lars is now embarking on a trip armed with a vial of puppy breath, Macadamia Nuts, and tons of mint.”


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