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Six Animals Show Off Their Winter Coats

Cold-climate creatures need to adapt as the temperatures drop if they want to survive the season. Frequently, the animals will add layers; an undercoat of fur can make all the difference in the biting cold. A few animals change color as well. Sometimes that’s to keep them warm. Other times, it’s to keep them hidden

service dog

Why Labrador and Golden Retrievers Are The Most Common Service Dogs

The most commonly employed service dogs are Labrador and Golden Retrievers. These breeds of dogs are preferred for a number of reasons.

PUPPIES! …You’re Welcome.

See Captiva’s growing litter of golden retriever pups on the East Coast Assistance Dog (ECAD) live cam here. Share in the comments and post your own screen shots of the puppies here!

Someone’s Trying To Hide!

Our fantastic community of explore.org fans have helped create an ongoing album of snapshots from ECAD’s Golden Litter Cam. See the album here and add to it, and visit the live cam to watch the puppies grow into amazing service dogs here.

Mom And A 1/4

Mom, Captiva, is doing well with her brood of 8 Golden Retriever puppies at the ECAD service dog center. Click here to learn more and to see the puppies on the live cam!

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