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Three Bears, No Goldilocks

Polar bear Ilka and her twin cubs take a cool swim in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark last week. Ilka is also mother to famed bear, Siku, and the summer has the family practicing their swim moves on the Live Cam. Did You Know? “Underneath their fur, polar bears have black skin which absorbs the

Update on Siku & the Twins!

One of our cam operators, Valerie, has sent us this update on Siku, the polar bear cub that was hand-raised at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark after his mother failed to produce milk. It’s a tribute to the park that Siku has grown up to be such a happy, well-adjusted bear. He lives at the park

Siku & His Polar Bear Family

Siku and his siblings have been successfully introduced and will be living together from now on! Ilka, 22, is mom to Siku, 2.5, who is now living and playing with his siblings born a year and a half ago. This fantastic family snapshot was captured by explore.org fan, Jusywho. Watch the family reunion on the Live

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Northeast is finally above freezing temperatures and the southwest is feeling summer heat. Over in Europe, Ilka and the twins are enjoying the winter sunshine themselves! You can see Ilka and her twin cubs, siblings to Siku, on the Live Cam in Denmark where it is currently a balmy 41* F! Just the way


Ilka’s twins have found a new game. Their pond has frozen over and the ice makes for great fun slipping, sliding, breaking through and throwing pieces in the air! You can see the cubs on the live cam from Denmark, where temperatures are just starting to dip below freezing at night.

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