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The 5 Best Polar Bear Family Photos Of The Week

Siku and his polar bear family are busy playing in the water and on the land. Here are five of the best photos chosen for the week. Take a look at the live cam to see what kind of fun you can catch the polar bears having. Try capturing your own photos, and maybe you will see

Siku & His Polar Bear Family

Siku and his siblings have been successfully introduced and will be living together from now on! Ilka, 22, is mom to Siku, 2.5, who is now living and playing with his siblings born a year and a half ago. This fantastic family snapshot was captured by explore.org fan, Jusywho. Watch the family reunion on the Live

Rest Your Head

See Ilka and her nearly-1-year-old twin cubs on the live cam here! Did You Know? One of the greatest successes with the twins is their natural behavior. Many captive bears in substandard facilities exhibit behavior patterns that indicate stress. Ilka and the twins have an enclosure that provides them with the space and enrichment they need

Community Voices:

Ilke and her twins, nursing and cuddling. This lucky snapshot was captured by twitter fan @DancAnyway. See more from our Community Voices and explore.org fans’ snapshots on our Facebook page and share your pics from our live cams with us!

Polar Bears All Morning, All Day!

Most of you are familiar (or should be) with Siku and his exploits, but did you know we also have a cam on his mother and her twin cubs? Starting at 8:00 EDT you can see Siku and his playful self bounding about his exhibit. At 10:00 EDT it’s time to switch over to see Ilka and her