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CamOp Photo Winners of February!

Once again, these cam ops have blown us away with amazing snapshots from the live cams! We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers not only operate the cameras but also take these beautiful photos to share with the community. Please see February’s photo winners below! First Place:  Meet Seth by CamOp Holly Runner

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Meet TJ the Tiger!

By Big Cat Rescue TJ was the youngest of four tigers who were rescued in 2007 from a breeding facility in Center Hill Florida called Savage Kingdom.  Savage Kingdom was run by an ex-circus performer named Robert Baudy who had been famous for his big cat act in the 1950’s.  He boasted that the way

The Hunted Tigers of India

In this short film, meet the task force of Ranthambhore who aid in the preservation of the endangered Bengal Tiger. Explore more of India here.

Our Special Species

To accompany the good news from Nepal – a year without poaching – come visit our special species. Watch these short videos and peruse our photos of the endangered elephants, gorillas, sturgeons, tigers and Nene Birds. Visit our live cams featuring bison, pandas and polar bears. Learn about what you can do to help protect our special

5 Species of Panthera: Tiger

From snow leopards to tigers, many big cats from the genus “panthera” are rare and endangered. Tigers are the largest and heaviest of the big cat species. They are amazing hunters from their usual diet of water buffalo, pig and deer, they are also known to hunt crocodiles, bears and leopards. They are also often

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