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Meet Seth the Tiger!

If you have been able to catch playful Seth on our Big Cat Rescue live cams, then you know he is a playful, goofy, and sweet tiger. Before being rescued by Big Cat Rescue, Seth had been used as a photo prop for tourists to take pictures with in Myrtle Beach, S.C. After he was

Meet Zabu & Cameron!

If you have tuned into the Vacation Rotation cam lately, you have probably noticed an odd couple of cats lurking around the enclosure. Meet Zabu, the white tiger, and Cameron, the lion! We know what you are thinking, how is it that a tiger and a lion are coexisting in the same enclosure? Well, before

Meet Lioness Nikita!

Content courtesy of Big Cat Rescue If you have spent any time watching any of our live cams of Big Cat Rescue, you have probably stumbled upon a beautiful and fierce lioness. Meet Nikita: Nikita was rescued in November of 2001 when she was found chained to a wall during a drug bust in Tennesse.