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Snapshot by CamOp Jamie

Snapshot by CamOp Jamie

Tribute to TJ the Tiger

With heavy hearts, we have learned of the recent passing of TJ the Tiger. We ask that you not mourn him, but celebrate all the wonderful hearts he warmed and happiness he created. We will miss you greatly, TJ. Thank you for all the laughs, we know you are in paradise splashing around a lake.


Team explore would like to extend a big hug to Big Cat Rescue and thank them for allowing us to come along for the journey. For more information, please visit Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook page.

  • Nan Kan, CP (2012) TX

    What beautiful and special tiger he was. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  • Janet Keller Dye

    I am so very sorry. He was a gorgeous boy and I will miss being able to visit with him.

  • Dnvrgal

    Thank you for posting. I am sure you all will miss him dearly… thank you for rescuing him, he had a happy home.

  • lolo53

    I’m glad TJ you were able to have many years of happiness after being rescued.
    You passed that happiness onto those who encountered you. Thank you BCR.

  • Nancy Valente

    TJ–thank you for all you gave us in life–you so deserved the happiness, safety and love you were able to experience after being rescued. RIP, dear TJ–you will be missed.

  • Newmans Mom

    What a beautiful boy – he will surely be missed by all!

  • TinyJulz <

    My favorite live cam pic of TJ. Thank you BCR giving him an awesome habitat to live in. The care and love you gave him all the years at BCR was superior.

  • JoniT@NC

    You are truly free now TJ.

  • Julia

    what happened? old age?

  • Doreen Mann

    My heart goes out to the staff at BCR for all of their hard work and dedication and for their love for T. J. He has touched many people through his story and his beautiful pictures. We love you T. J.!! GOD SPEED !!

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