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manitoba sunrise

Zen Den: Manitoba Sunrise

It’s Friday. Enter the Zen Den.

Niagara Falls

Zen Den Friday: Niagara Falls

It’s Friday and while the weekend may be warming up, it’s time for the week to cool down. Enter the Zen Den.

Find Someone to Pal Around with This Weekend

You can join our furry pals by visiting the new brood of kittens on the Kitten Rescue Live Cam as well as Scarlott’s new litter of service puppies, born Oct. 2, on the Service Dog Project Live Cam this weekend. TGIF! 

Ocean Zen

Fast Fact: Waimea means “red water.” See surfers ride the red waves on the live cam at Waimea Bay, Hawaii.


You’ve almost made it! Ilka and twins on the Polar Bear Live Cam. Thanks Sheri Cochran, for sharing your great screenshots!