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Learn the Art of Healing Violence

The children at the Queen Rania Family and Child Center in Jordan use paint, brushes, and paper to discover their dignity and identity. The art program teaches the children to trust themselves and deal with traumatic experiences. 

manitoba sunrise

Zen Den: Manitoba Sunrise

It’s Friday. Enter the Zen Den.

Niagara Falls

Zen Den Friday: Niagara Falls

It’s Friday and while the weekend may be warming up, it’s time for the week to cool down. Enter the Zen Den.

How do you say hello?

How do you say hello?  There are hundreds of words and hand gestures for greetings across the globe. Most gestures, whether a show of hands or a handshake or handshake accompanied by grasping your opposite arm with your unshaking hand – – they are all meant as a sign of peace, a show that the

Merlin medical clinic

Too Cute Tuesday We’re using this Too Cute Tuesday to draw attention not only to the playful smiles seen here, but the strength of those smiles through ongoing turmoil. These Darfuri children are seen here at the Merlin medical clinic in Gereida. Explore.org  grants $1 million to aid in emergency medical care here, where normal

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