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Siku on Snow Days

One of the Siku & Smilla camera operators shared this reflection on polar bear Siku’s favorite time of year: For me the best days were when there was snow. Siku being a polar bear gives me an idea that these were his favorite days as well. He seemed to have just slightly more spring in his

A Visit With Siku and Friends

/ by Polar Bears International Siku’s enclosure is three to four times the size of a polar bear enclosure at an average zoo. The enclosure that Ilke and her 6-month-old twins occupy is over two times the size of Siku’s enclosure. That is unheard of among captive animal facilities. For those who are not familiar,

An Update On Siku And Smilla

Every Monday through Saturday my alarm goes off and I eagerly await the morning. On Mondays, I get to go photograph polar bear(s) at my local zoo. On Tuesdays, while some of you are hurriedly on your way to work, I am sitting back with my orange juice and joystick ready to follow two polar

What’s Up With Siku?

Janne from the Scandinavian Wildlife Park shares some exciting updates about his progress: Siku is now almost 1 year and 5 months and weighs 164 kg. We’ve been working all winter to turn half of Siku’s enclosure into an exhibit so that people can come and see Siku in his teenage room when the park opens.