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The Pole to Pole Campaign: Polar Bears to Penguins, to People

We hope you are enjoying watching the polar bear families on both the Ouwehand Zoo cams and Scandinavian Wildlife Park cams as they learn, grow, and play!

What’s new with Siku’s Family?

Things have been busy at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, home to Siku, Ilka, the Twins, and even more happy polar bears. Biologist at SWP, Janne Tofte, is kind enough to send us updates on the new goings-on and future plans for these bears so that we can pass them on to the viewers. Here are

Spring is in the air for SWP polar bears

It’s time for another update on the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, home of Ilka, the twins, and Siku. Last time we checked in, Ilka had been separated from the twins as it was time for her cubs to be weaned and for her to get ready to mate again. We asked Janne Tofte, biologist at the

Scandinavian Wildlife Park: Polar Bear Update

There has been some excitement at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP) recently as Ilka and her twins are going through the weaning process and Ilka prepares to mate again. This process is important but is not without its hiccups, so we asked Frank Vigh-Larsen, the Director of the SWP, a few questions about how things

three polar bears smiling

Top 5 Polar Bear Family Photos Of The Week

Siku and his polar bear family are having lots of cuddle time in the chilly autumn weather. Have a look at the live cam to see them snuggling up to each other in between playtime. Here are five of the best photos of the week. Polar Bear Family Live Camera

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