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Service Dog Panel (9/26)

Join us on Wednesday, 9/26, at 4pm ET/ 1pm PT for a panel with three of our service dog partner organizations! Joining us will be Service Dog Project, K9s for Warriors, and Warrior Canine Connection to take a deeper look into what it takes to run a non-profit service dog organization and to address common

This Week on Explore (6/30)

We have a Puffin Chick! Hatched June 30th at around 1 AM!  K9s for Warriors has two new cams up! Watch rescued dogs train to become service dogs here! Meet the Aquarium of the Pacific’s newest (and cutest) member! You can watch this Magellanic Penguin chick here! Please meet BellaDonna & Adonis, our new dove parents!

K9s for Warriors founder saves veterans and dogs

In honor of Women’s History Month, explore is celebrating those extraordinary individuals devoted to acting selflessly for the sake of others. Today we feature Shari Duval, founder of K9s for Warriors, a hero saving America’s military heroes.

Winning The Hardest Battle

For five years after returning from the war I battled my demons every day, pushing away my family and friends and living in denial of my problems. It has been 18 months since being connected with Slider, my service dog from K9s For Warriors. In that time, I have gotten back my family and developed some abilities

Melissa And Chauncey

We’re kind of in love with Melissa and Chauncey, paired by K9s for Warriors.

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